Welcome to Thelma's Skateland

Welcome to Thelma's Skateland

Welcome to Thelma's SkatelandWelcome to Thelma's SkatelandWelcome to Thelma's Skateland

Nerf War Information

Additional Information

We here that Thelma's Skateland 2 in Union City are excited to offer a new option for a special event or Birthday Party, ...Nerf Wars!  (Please note that Nerf Wars are only available at the rink in Union City.)

We have all the equipment and a great area to host a Nerf War.  

Before we can begin hosting these awesome events, our insurance company has issued a few requirements.  Item number one is that all participants of the Nerf War must follow their set rules.  The second item is that all participants must also have a signed waiver.  Minors, please make sure that your parents fill these forms out so you can participate.    Both items can be found in documents section below.  I have also listed the rules below.  




- All participants must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian, unless over 18 years of age you can sign your own. 

- Eye protection must be worn at all times while on the playing field. (Safety glasses will be provided by Thelma's)

- Eye protection must be worn when entering the staging area.

- Our age requirements are 8 years and older. If the participant is younger than 8, we require them to come with a parent or guardian who will be by their side the entire time.

- No Mechanically Modified Guns or Ammo (Darts) allowed

- No Head Shots

- Any Injury must be reported to an Event Coordinator

- You are Responsible for your own equipment

- Playing under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol is not allowed

- Fighting is prohibited and will result in your immediate removal from the field, and possible termination from any future play.

- All Players should respect each other with a 10 foot engagement distance

- Guns must not be loaded until you are on the field and ready to play

- No Test firing without permission from Referee

- Keep guns empty, pointed in downward position, and your finger off the trigger when not in play

- Firing your gun in a non-playing area is not allowed and will result in the ejection from any play

- When the game is over the referee will blow his whistle 3 times signaling to remove your magazine

- Before exiting the play arena, empty your gun of any darts, remove your magazine from the gun, and fire two shots into the provided Discharge Bucket to ensure the gun is empty

- No arguing with the referee- He is always right! 

Please feel free to reach out to Thelma's Skateland 2 with any questions.


Nerf Documents

The documents below consist of the Nerf War rules and the required waiver to participate in the Nerf War.



Nerf War Waiver (docx)